Oled tv refresh 120

Bought a new lg Oled evo tv with 120 refresh rate, expecting a better movie experience. Did get good picture but found out appletv doesn’t support the 120 refresh rate but maxed out at 60.
Does anyone know of a media player that supports the 120 refesh? Just wanted to see if there is a better picture.

Movies usually only have ~24 Picutures per seconds so during movies/shows you won’t notice anything.
However if you would have an 120Hz display, you would notice overall a more smooth GUI.

Do you have newer phone?
For example I have an iPhone 14 Pro Max which also has a 120Hz display, with such a phone you can check how 120Hz feels like.

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There isn’t really any meaningful media in 120 Hz. Just turn on the match frame rate feature in Apple TV, 24 Hz on 24 Hz is better than 24 Hz on 60 Hz.
But if you just want the 120 Hz, I don’t think it’s possible with Apple TV.

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Exactly. It’s a feature with appeal exclusively to video game players; where faster refresh rates can convey smoother motion and more up-to-the-microsecond visual and positional data during real-time simulation of vehicles and/or combat situations.

Pre-recorded media does not exist at this level of detail. The highest profile high-frame rate film yet released was Avatar 2: The Way of Water — which in select theaters was shown with double the typical frame rate of traditional films (such as the first Avatar) — and even that is only 48 frames per second (48 Hz) — well within the capabilities of Apple TV.

120Hz would be nice because it’s a multiple of 24 so you can do almost perfect rendering of a 24fps movie without the TV having to switch modes. Granted this a minor upgrade at best considering the automatic switching takes a few seconds at most.


Exactly! Sadly, most people seem to think it’s only for gaming…
However, it would only work if the content has the same bit depth and color space.