OLED black is not black

Hi, am i the only one with this issue?

I have an LG OLED55B8PLA and Apple TV 4K and black is not as it supposed to be on oled. For example on movies the up and down black line is lightened…not dark.
If there is a full black transition on the movie…the oled display will remain with light on….not fully dark.
I tested the same movie on infuse (and have this issue) and also on a usb stick and everything looks fine in usb stick.
On Apple TV settings, match content are are both ON.
Check images :slight_smile: 1st image is from Infuse.

And this is how it looks the black image (when paused on same movie…same scene) if played on usb stick.

Do you get the same thing on VLC?

Which version of Infuse and tvOS are you running?

Is this happening with SDR, HDR, or DV content?

Are you seeing this with any other apps on the Apple TV?

Can you post an image of the Video and Audio settings page from the Apple TV?

In addition to double-checking to confirm confirming the match content options are enabled, you may check the LG’s settings to see if they are set correctly. There is a set of recommended settings on Rtings.com you may consider using.

Most newer TVs can have different settings for different HDMI inputs, and playback via the TV’s internal player will usually use different settings altogether.

Edit: You can also try enabling ‘True Black Mode’ in Infuse > Settings. With this on, the background color in the app while browsing will be pure black. If this doesn’t appear pure black for you, it may indicate an issue with your TV’s settings.

Infuse Pro 7.4.2, Apple TV A1842 tvOS 15.5.1

Happens on both HDR and DV movies.

Tested mkv file DV with VLC and PLEX and black is pure black.
Tested mkv file HDR with VLC (black is pure) and on PLEX black is washed.

One thing that i noticed…on every mkv file played on Infuse when i play TV sets to HDR…even if the file is DV.

By default my ATV is set on video format to 4K DV and the background color of the app si pure place. If i change the VIDEO FORMAT on ATV from 4K DV to 4K HDR the the background is washed like in my 2nd post.

EDIT: As i can see this washed black is a problem from ATV. On every movie with HDR…doesn’t matter from what app i play have the same problem (tested on amazon prime…same problem with washed black)
So the question then is…why Infuse selects every mkv file ad HDR even if it’s DV :slight_smile: thanks

This post may help shed some light on your question.

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Thanks for the detailed info.

Since this is also affecting HDR output of the UI itself (when using Pure Black Mode) I believe there is either an issue with the HDMI cable, or with the settings on the TV.

Is the Apple TV connected directly to the TV? If so, you may try switching HDMI cables, HDMI ports, and adjusting the HDR video settings on the TV.

Note: You’ll want to ensure HDR video output is enabled before adjusting settings, as each input mode will have different settings options, and these can only be adjusted when the corresponding mode (SDR, HDR, DV) is active.

Ok…so i found the problem. Somehow some settings were reseted i guess after an update from TV.

The CONTRAST from picture mode was set to 100 (even if i know for sure i set it to 90 when i calibrate it long time ago). So it’s an LG bug…if you set the contrast to 99 for example will have the true black back :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.


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