Old NAS Directory Data can't be cleard

Not sure if this is considered metadata per se…

I have a NAS with SMB or UPnP enabled, and added the share to Infuse 7 (tvOS, iOS, or OSX have the same problem). Everything is great.

I subsequently reorganized the directory hierarchy. Now the new stored location still works, but the older ghosted directories are still there. If I click into them, they say “Empty Folder, nothing to see, move along”

I’ve tried everything to refresh Infuse, including:

  • Delete old share then delete metadata then re-add the share
  • Turn off iCloud Syncing on each of the device
  • Turn off “Collection” not sure if that does anything.

But no matter what the ghost of old directories past still shows up. How can I reset it once and for all?

Which protocol are you using SMB or UPnP?

You may want to stick to SMB since UPnP and DLNA don’t give you full function of the Infuse features.

If you still have both UPnP and SMB shares showing under the Settings > Shares > Saved Shares you’ll need to delete one, preferably the UPnP share.

Once you do that you may want to try going to Settings > Library > Scan For Changes. If that doesn’t work, try the Refresh Metadata option.

Edit to add: You’ll want to turn iCloud sync back to keep things in sync between devices. Here’s the users guide for iCloud syncing.

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