Old Cover art keeps showing up on some folders in media player

I have a few old dvd covers that show up as a folder pictures on media player. I cant seem to get rid of them even when i reload cover art and with local files off.

Anyone else had this problem?

Any fixes for this?

Have you seen these images before, or do you have any idea where they are coming from (embedded cover art, local jpg/png files, etc…)?

The cover art is in the folder with each movie. I have turned local files off and taken the cover art out. Does that mean it is embedded in the movie file?

I tried resetting all meta data and deleting the cover art out of the folder but that didnt work either.

Any ideas?

I am seeing something similar. However I am not at all convinced it is old cover art as it has been seen on an ATV2 that has just been set up and never retrieved cover art before. Instead I think it must be some artifact of the new code to try and make folders appear as films. I am seeing such images at a level where the next level down is purely further folders with no contained cover art files. It is only at the next level down that I have folders containing cover art.

If it would help I can provide screenshots showing what is seen on the ATV2 and what is the file/folder structure as seen by Windows accessing the same NAS.

I have found that some cover art is embedded in the file (mp4) where as others show up just because they are small enough to be displayed even though local files are off. If I get a larger cover art file and replace the old one then reload the metadata it corrects itself.