Old bug still there

Hey James :wink:
I see there is still this Bug:

During swiping through the Episodes the Thumbnails „jumping“.

Here is a Video:

If a preceived bug is present in the release versions and is not specifically addressed in the current beta please don’t post in the current beta. When the bug is addressed it will be noted in the new beta threads.

When you post about old issues it still pings all of the current beta thread followers with old issues.

It’s fine to note that it’ still there, just do it in other than the current beta thread in the beta section.

But this Bug has been introduced with the latest Beta-Version (7.5.9)!

It’s not present in 7.5.8?

No, it seams it has been introduced in 7.5.9

It wasn’t shown as a fix in beta 4 release notes as being addressed so you’ve got it covered in your post from 11 days ago. No need for multiple posts on the same subject unless it’s addressed in a release as being fixed and it isn’t or if @james asks for more specifics.

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I’m also seeing this issue. It was in a show I’ve already watched. I didn’t do any other testing yet so don’t know if it shows up in an unwatched show. Super annoying as I am unable to select the episode I want to watch.

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