OK, what am I doing wrong? Can't Log-In to my ATV-II

I jailbroke this stuff a few years ago. I’m trying to use the same programs now to make some changes (lots of the VideoDevil stuff no longer works, I find there’s some editing needed from this page -> https://github.com/xbmc-adult/xbmc-adult-eden/commits/gheden)

Thing is, neither program I used (CyberDuck/putty) will find the ATV. It times-out right away, I never get to the point where I do the root/alpine entry.

Putty says “Server unexpectedly closed network connection”
CyberDuck says “Connection Failed - Try Again”

Now before you tell me “I use THIS program without difficulty” I’m sure you do But ~ these Both worked before and unless something’s changed, they should work now :frowning:

I find the IP on the target ATV ( enter it in either program (port22) but I quickly get kicked-out.

If I Ping that IP I get a good return so I’m thinking the network sees it.

WAY Back when, I loaded AtvFlash(Black) and has been how I updated XBMC a couple of times to current. VideoDevil is at 1.7.87 (something like that) and XBMC says IT doesn’t need an update. Could that have changed things for me? IS there now a different procedure to talk to them? I’m using XP SP3.

SO, what am I doing wrong? What did I forget from 3 years ago? :smiley:

Coupla dz views, I guess nothing glaringly wrong stands-out in my procedure…

And I assume adding the AtvFlash didn’t close any holes or anything, preventing me from communicating as I did before?

Everybody still uses those two programs without problems?

As far as I can see you are not doing anything obviously wrong!

I can use Putty to connect to my ATV2 without issues.   I am running the 5.3 jailbroken firmware, but I do not think that will be relevant.

The fact that you get an "Server unexpectedly closed network connection" error message from Putty suggests that:

- You are not connecting to the right IP address.  Easily checked by asking the ATV2 what it's IP address is under settings

- The ATV2 you are targetting is not jailbroken (unlikely from your description)

- Something is blocking the connection

The last condition could arise if something in your networking environment is blocking the connection (e.g. firewall or router).

Not sure how to suggest a way forward.   You could start by re-jailbreaking to the 5.3 firmware to get a known clean start point, but that has its own tisks so not be something you want to try.

Thank you for the help, I know it’s the right IP (I have two of these and tried them both by looking in Settings/Network), and they are both clearly JailBroken :wink:

So that leaves the problem on the network, might be my router, I’ll try a different computer too.

There is a way to just go from the computer to the ATV right? A Cat-5 crossover maybe? Putty again? Should that be all I need to do?