OK I'm a dork for breaking it

I have been successfully using my atv flash for about 3 months now (I have to say that after a while it would stop recognizing the HDMI output and I would have to start/restart my atv and then I culd see stuff on the tv again) - but minor prob considering all the goodies and external storage etc - but the apple comes out with their latest atv update (3.0.2) and states something along the lines of update would help with atv not recognizing hdmi output etc - so I update ---- MISTAKE — like a newbie I didnt read the atvflash website for support first and forgot to switch my external storage to internal storage before I did that - I updated the atv and things went great except no screen - so I think I will reinstall atv flash - and I do and things go grest except no the atv starts and splash screen goes through its play and then blank but if i click the remote I can hear the atv sounds and if I leave it alone the default pics from the atv play in the screen saver but when i click the remote - back to blank - i have tried starting it with and without the external hd and notin;

HELP - I know - I screwed up, i did it myself - mia culpa but help anyways

thanks in advance, newbie who doesnt read instructions and acts impulsively first and then asks for help later - I LOVE MY ATV – please HELP!

Have you tried following this guide?


Should work even with 3.0.2 with exception of some minor issues: http://forum.atvflash.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2673

But the aTV team is looking into that, and will hopefully have a fix soon.

i am away from my atv today so cant try until tonight but…I have another related wuestion – is the fact that I didnt switch from external storage back to internal storage a big reason why this is now happening? If so, what can I do about it now, since I cant even get it to show me the menu? anything other than the scrolling default apple pics when it ‘sleeps’?

If you updated the AppleTV without switching back to internal storage, a Factory Reset will be required. The good news is the media on your external drive won’t be affected.

  1. Perform a factory restore through the Recovery menu. The Recovery menu can be accessed by holding the minus (-) and menu buttons until the AppleTV restarts.

  2. Update the AppleTV to the latest software.

  3. Install aTV Flash.

  4. Run the Smart Installer, and re-enable the external drive for primary storage through the Maintenance → Settings menu.

OK - now i’m excited about getting home - I was pretty upset before this last post - I love the aTV w/ ATV FLASH and have gotten good use pretty much out of everything - was especially happy with the fact that when I purchased/downloaded it and followed ALL instructions, it installed and worked like a charge from the word GO - the only glitch has been when I didn’t read the instructions ahead of time - so bad on me.

VERY glad to hear I likely didn’t do any permanent damage - cant wait to try it - I will post one way or another.


You R DA MAN! - thanks - it worked - support is great!!!

thanks again!