OH no. No AC3 pass through

Just upgraded the player. settings for AC# and DTS enabled. Used a film with Japanese or English Doly 5.1 selection

Chose Japanese with English subtitles. Also can choose English 5.1 Have not tried that yet.

Subtitles are white as should be. 

Sound accidentally not lowered on TV. Horrible sound coming through.

No sound at all through the receiver.

My system is set to auto detect- digital

Often defaults to Dolby pro logic, unless it is a stereo only track

Get 5.1 with dvd’s via coaxial digital 

Turned off AC3 and  DTS and got the standard Dolby Logic three channel sound as was working in previous version.

ATV2 set to 16 bit. I am connected to my receiver with an optical cable out of the ATV2. To  my  Samsung TV with hdmi

If I set manually to theater sound ( i can set for steero, dolby pro logic, jazz club, theater, stadium) it can get 5 channels on theater but sounds unnnatural. Never use that even with dvds.

Any suggestions. Should I send a bug report?


It sounds like AC3 audio is getting passed over HDMI to the TV which is causing the static, as most TVs cannot decode AC3 audio.

You may try disabling your TV’s speakers, or (if possible) run the HDMI from the AppleTV to the amp, then run the amp’s monitor output to the TV.

Not worried about the TV. My sound system is pre hdmi input. When using ATV2 with Netflix, I just turn the TV volume all the way down if running the the system…No problem. Or vice versa, turn system off and run sound through the TV…No problem.  BTW, I know 5.1 works other than dvd. I watched a film in HD with 5.1 surround via ATV2 and Netflix, so the sound can stream properly. This problm seems similar to not getting the proper sound from XBMC which I don’t use anyway.

Thanks James

I will see if I can disarm the speakers in the tv sound menu.

Ok. I turned off the TV sound via TV menu-internal mute. Set media player to AC3 passthrough. No sound whatever. Turned off AC3 and sound was back to 3 channel as it was in previous media player version.  Kenwood VR 506 is my model for receiver. Thanks.

I have the same problem.

ATV versin 4.2.2, media beta 6, sound over HDMI into my denon AVR 1311 amp. The audio setup in my ATV2 is set to digital out “ON”, but there is nothing else than noise. The amp dosen’t see any digital input. If I play an itunes movie with AC3 the dolby digital works fine. I don’t know whats wrong. Maybe the problem is the amp.


Greetz, stiso.

Can you check to ensure ‘Audio Output’ is set to 16bit in the Settings --> Audio/Video menu.

This setting should be getting adjusted automatically, but it never hurts to double-check.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, 16 bit is the setting. And other things like Netflix, Last.FM, sites from Couch surfer, You Tube etc. all allow sound to the receiver via the optical cable

out of ATV2.

16bit is set allready. i forgot to mention.


Greetz, stiso.

You may try enabling AC3, but leave DTS disabled as some receivers will support one but not the other.

I have tied all of these but get nothing but static on my onkyo .


Same here.


i have the same Problems here … only noise through the TV-Speakers, 16bit Mode enabled and no Sound through my AV-Receiver which is hooked up via Optical-Out

If after trying the suggestions above you’re still having trouble, please submit a bug report (as descibed in the link below) and we can look further into what’s causing the issue.

Idid send a bug request but could not send a video exrtract with the media checker software you recommended. I am using Mac OS10.6


Pretty much exactly the same symptoms. Optical input into Yamaha receiver. As soon as AC-3 bypass is enabled audio to Yamaha is cut and morse code like sound comes out of the TV’s internal speakers. Seems like the AC-3 is being passed through the HDMI but not the optical out port.

Same here. My Sony TV is capable of decoding AC3 (other devices wok), but with the ATV-Black i also get only the static.


Just tested .7 update for DVD playback off of my NAS and many many improvements in stability and features. Video playback seems much more reliable for me now. However regarding Audio when attempting to use the AC3 pass through setting (for DVD playback), the optical output is still not sending the AC3 signal to my receiver . AC3 seems to be outputted only to the HDMI output (as my TV does not support AC3 through HDMI I hear only chirps and beeps but not audio on the TV indicating the AC3 is being passed to through the HDMI). If I disable AC3 pass through the optical output works ( in stereo only of course). My Yamaha receiver is pre-hdmi. If you get AC3 through the optical output waiting it will be awesome! 


One other note. Picture quality is not as sharp as a good quality DVD player but certainly decent. Any plans for improved video processing on DVD’s?

Same here as far as sound. Still no AC3 passthrough. So far no other glitches. Still testing.

i decided to restore the firmware on mine and not instal xbmc. now my ac3. works…