Offline/downloaded content watched status sync to Jellyfin?

I love Infuse and it works great with Jellyfin and the InfuseSync plugin. However, the one thing I can’t seem to figure out is how to sync content I’ve downloaded from the Jellyfin server to the iPad/iPhone and then watched offline. If I use the global sync in the upper right when I connect back to the server, it syncs the status of the media based on what the server watched status is, not what the offline watched status is.

Am I missing something obvious?

Were these videos downloaded from Jellyfin from within the Infuse app, or were they added some other way?

Do the local versions appears as fully watched?

Are you using online metadata fetching for your Jellyfin server, or manual metadata?

Videos were downloaded from Jellyfin within Infuse.

The local versions appear as fully watched. In order to watch them, I did need to go to the Files section within Infuse. Attempting to access them through Home On Deck would give an error that I wasn’t connected to the server.

I am using online metadata fetching for the Jellyfin server.

It’s been a while since I’ve tried this, but it appears content that I downloaded from Jellyfin and watched offline is not syncing back to the Jellyfin server when it’s back in “contact” with it.

I just noticed I have the same issue with syncing from Plex