Offline content needs to be screen mirrored to be cast to Airplay device

Hello! First, thanks for your app!
I use it to stream from my Jellyfin instance and locally download some content when going on a trip.

I wanted to Airplay one of those local videos but only the sound comes out from the Apple TV. So I tried screen mirroring and it works well (seems like the video is natively played and not the iPad screen, and the iPad shows the classic Airplay screen).
But there’s a limitation. I can’t lock the screen or just use my device for anything else.

Is that normal? Am I doing it right? Is that an iOS limitation, or is it possible to be a future feature?

Anyway, thanks and have a nice day!

If you are only getting sound then most likely it is not a supported video format for airplay. Unfortunately airplay formats are quite limited.

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Hello, thanks for your answer! Yeah, that was HEVC 10bits iirc. So yes, that may very well be an incompatible format. Thank you!

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