Oddball prospective use, wondering if it is possible.

Ok, this is a question about an odd-ball potential use for the product.  Basically I have this crazy idea, and I am not sure if there is a way to get it to work.


So, the idea is this.  I would like to be able to add aditional storage to the Apple TV 2.0, and use it strictly for music playback on a standalone network, controlled solely by the App as a remote.  This system would have no visible screen for control.  The router would not be connected to the internet, it’s sole purpose would be to fascillitate control of the ATV 2.0 via Iphone or Ipod touch.  I have heard rumors of possible blue-tooth based control of the ATV 2.0 as well, and if that were true, so much the better.  Is it capable of using the USB port for additional drive access, or must it be through ethernet/wireless access?


Full Itunes control capability would be nice, but as long as I could access my music collection in a properly organised and explorable fashion, that would be adequate.  I want to be able to bring all of my music along with me in high quality encoding on a hard drive, in full Wave or possibly FLAC format.  The intent is to provide high fidelity source for a mobile audio sound system.  No point building a nice clean sytem for my car and then listening to crappy encodings. 


There are of course other considerations for use in the vehicle, but I would work out all of the other details myself.  Just need to know what the feasibility of this idea is before I purchase anything.

In terms of storage, it would ahve to eb via the network.  The USB port cannot act as a master, so you cannot connect a USB storage device to it.

In terms of output, then you definitely need some sort of video output to see what you are controlling.   However, I do not know if it would be possible to use something like a VNC server on the ATV2 so that the iDevice could act as the screen (and keyboard).   I do not know if anyone has ever tried that without a TV connected.

A screen in the front of the the vehicle is out of the question, and a fiddly app that is difficult to control is also a no-go.

I know this could be done with a first gen ATV, but in order to use that in the car I would need to make some serious changes to the power arangement which would not be particularly easy.  Looking for a more install friendly solution.