Odd TV Show Grouping behavior

This is probably me just not understanding the format, but what I’m seeing as to how the TV shows are presented is confusing.

I have all of my TV shows arranged like this.

All SERIES folders in the root.
All SEASON folders are in the specific SERIES folder.

100% All Files have embedded M4V metadata including cover art.


(Folder) Big Bang Theory
(Folder) Season 1
(Files) Big Bang Theory.S01E01.m4v
(Files) Big Bang Theory.S01E02.m4v
(Files) (etc)
(Folder) Season 2
(Files) Big Bang Theory.S02E01.m4v
(Files) Big Bang Theory.S02E02.m4v
(Files) (etc)
(Folder) Castle
(Folder) Season 1
(Files) Castle.S01E01.m4v
(Files) Castle.S01E02.m4v
(Files) (etc)

… and so on.

But when viewing the SMB share in “Non-list” mode, they’re being presented in a strange order…

Big Bang Theory is the first thing listed, and has no artwork shown.
Castle is WAY down the list (with the word "Season 1) showing at the bottom, and does display cover art.
Castle is AFTER Arrow Scrubs, West Wing, etc.

It appears as though TV Shows that only have a single season are sorted last, after TV shows that have multiple seasons.

The first 15 things listed are multi-season TV shows, but do not have any artwork.
Then the A-Z order starts over, and I have six Multi-season TV shows that DO display artwork.
Then, the A-Z order starts again, and three Single-season TV shows appear, and do display artwork.

This grouping behavior doesn’t make sense to me – it seems to me it’d be better just to follow the folder structure the user already has created?

Thanks for this awesome app!!

I’m adding some attachments.

Right now, Infuse will organize items as follows.

  1. Folders
  2. Movies
  3. TV shows
  4. Other

The new auto-grouping and auto-artwork display options for folders that contain multiple tv seasons is something new we added in Infuse 3, though we may need to look at making it a bit smarter so that folders that are recognized as containing TV shows will be grouped with the other shows.

It’s a little strange you’re not seeing any artwork for Big Bang Theory. I’d be interested to learn a little bit more about what’s inside these folders (other than video files).

Most of my shows are being grouped as #1 – Just a “blank” folder, and then the seasons are grouped within that folder. All the seasons have cover art that the app is pulling from metadata (?), but the parent folder does not.

I guess TV Shows with only one season are sorted separately from TV Shows that have multiple seasons?

In this particular share, there are no movies. Movies are in their own share(s).

Big Bang Theory is just one of about 15 for which the top-level folder shows no artwork.

I’d attach the full file listing for this share… maybe that’ll shed some light on it – but the forum is saying “the selected file could not be uploaded – the file is 411.6 KB which would exceed your quota of 1MB.” :slight_smile:
… so I deleted a few thousand lines.

Suffice it to say that there are ONLY TV-show m4v and m4a files (soundtracks). No cruft.

Given that I have over 3000 TV shows in this share, do I need to give the app lots of time to “scrape” the data? (I have metadata collection OFF, so it should only be pulling it from the embedded metadata).

Hmm. Attachment never made it…

Here it is…

I Got the same issue.
All my tv show with more than one season aren’t display correctly.

Sorry for the delay - I must have missed your original response.

In this case, metadata fetching would need to be enabled as this dictates whether or not Infuse polls TheTVDB for information and artwork about your files. With it off, Infuse won’t have any artwork to show for the series folders.

Since you have quite a few files, this fetching may take a few minutes to complete but I believe should resolve the issue you were running into.