Odd streaming behaviour recently - Google Drive

I’ve been trying to figure out what’s going for a while but haven’t been able to come to any conclusions and I’m hoping someone here has some idea.

Recently about 30 - 50% of the time when I start playing a video it will just sit buffering
and not start. If I go back to the menu and select another video, that video will almost always start playing immediately as normal. I can then go back to the original file and it will play as normal.

Sometimes I can just go back and select the same video again and it will start playing normally but often selecting the same video results in the same buffering. Very occasionally all videos result in the same buffering and then the only fix is to force quite infuse and re-open it (that seems to mostly work).

I have tested across devices and get on Apple TV, iPad and iPhone infuse but don’t seem to have trouble with any other apps that are using Google Drive. Using different streaming cache methods didn’t seem to have any effect.

I did some further investigation with speeds tests and this is what I get:
When I’m having the issue speed tests look like this:

Interestingly the rate is identical - averaging out to 1.6mbps

When I’m not having the issue it looks like this:

I’m on 100mbps so that’s about normal for me.

I added a second google account to infuse with a single video in it and I have run into the same buffering issue with that one video, so I don’t think that specific google account is the problem but not 100%.

The only thing I can think of is that I’m running into a weird infuse bug or my ISP is doing something odd but if it was ISP I would expect a similar issue in other apps using Google Drive.


@james Any idea on this? I’ve had to stop using Infuse and switch over to my plex server as it’s mostly unusable at the moment due to this issue.

I’m having this same issue. Would often have to restart infuse before it would continue playing the video. But today not even restarting the app works and it will play the first few seconds and then just sit buffering. When I use plex I’m having no issues. I’m using an Apple TV for both plex and infuse

So I also did the speed test and seems I get the same limits

Looks like the latest update has fixed this issue, I’m going to mark it as solved.

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