Odd Remote Behavior in ATVFlash Menus Prevents Installation

I installed the latest version of ATVFlash on my ATV last week. Simply outstanding. A wonderful process. Over the weekend, I upgraded my AppleTV hard drive. Went off like a charm. No problems. All updates and content sync went fine.

Today, I reinstalled ATVFlash on the upgraded ATV. All seemed to go fine. FTP works fine, all root menus work fine, but anytime I go inside an ATVFlash menu, suddenly, I can no longer scroll up and down the menu listings using the Apple remote. If I go into the Install sub-menu under Nito for example, and try to scroll down to Smart Install, the menu jumps to the bottom [update Couch Surfer]. If I try to scroll back up, I cannot. If I press Play/Pause, the cursor jumps to Install Perian. This happens on all the ATVFlash menus; I can only get to the top or bottom menu item, and if select the bottom item, the cursor goes back to the top item. All Apple menus work fine.

As I result, I specifically cannot follow this step:


I have tried re-installing twice. Same outcome.

Found this thread over in the Usage section:


So I am biting the bullet, and doing a complete Restore & upgrade. Then will re-install ATVF. Hope that works.

Seems to have done the trick. Bottom line, make darn sure you have the most current version of Apple OS running on your ATV. I know I did the first time, and I thought for sure I did this second time, but maybe I forgot to check after upgrading my hard drive.