Odd behaviour from Recently Added list

I’ve recently added three National Lampoon’s Vacation movies to my Infuse Library. All three movies are visible in the Library and a collection has been created for them, but the Recently Added list only shows the single National Lampoon’s Vacation movie. Is this expected behaviour? I would have thought I would see all three movies, but may be its trying to be smart by grouping them in a collection in the list but not naming it as a collection.

Anyone else seen something similar?


  1. Collections setting is turned to OFF
  2. The movies are named as National Lampoon’s Vacation, National Lampoon’s European Vacation & National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.
  3. I am aware that there are four Vacation movies. I don’t have physical media for Las Vegas.

You might check the creation/modified timestamps on the videos themselves, as Infuse will use these to determine which videos are recently added.

Wasn’t this changed a while back from some other date used? Can’t remember which.

Not for me… I’ve had a TV episode stuck at the front of my Recently added until I finally figured out how to change the date on the actual file. The file had some crazy created/modified date of something like 2040.

It was a change in Infuse, it use to use the “added date” I believe then it was changed to created/modified date.

OK. Back at home after a week of travelling for work and I have done some more investigating. James is spot on in that all the actual media files are dated 2 Dec 2018 and therefore wouldn’t make it into the list. However, that doesn’t explain why only one movie shows up in the list. I do note that the movie that is showing up has a date modified in January 2019 for the movie folder, the other two do not.

So, does Infuse use the date modified of a parent folder to check if media should be added to the Recently Added list (and not just the media file itself)?