Occasional vertical screen tear?

Seems to happen during busy scenes. I’ve done my own 4K UHD rips with MakeMKV and no compression. Lossless quality.

Any way to fix this? It’s really annoying when I go to great lengths to have perfect quality.

Can you provide a bit more info on what you are seeing?

Can you confirm you have both options in Settings > Video and Audio > Match Content enabled?

Yep, Match Content is enabled for both frame rate and dynamic range.

What I’m seeing is similar to what I would call a “frame tear” in a video game, only vertical instead of horizontal. It is always perfectly in the center of the screen. Again, I should stress that it is not 100% of the time. It only pops up during action sequences or scenes with lots of movement, leading me to speculate that it is somehow tied to bitrate. My films are ripped straight from the UHD disc using MakeMKV, no compression or anything. So they’re legitimate 10-bit h265 encodes rather than x265.

TV is a 77" LG G6, if that matters. The tears only occur in Infuse and not in any streaming apps. Can’t really test the native Plex app on ATV since my mac mini home server does not have the juice to transcode a 50+ GB file. =)

Hmm, does this always happen in the same point in a video? IE If you notice the issue and rewind back a bit, does the issue appear again in the same place?

Any particular titles you are seeing this on?

Sorry for the delayed response, I was on a sales trip.

I’m not sure if it happens in the same spot – I will be sure to back up and replay the next section I notice it in.

I’ve noticed the tear in several different videos, but a recent one that comes to mind is my UHD rip of Murder on the Orient Express.

Interestingly enough, I also noticed it today in the latest episode of Westworld (S02E09) that I downloaded from Amazon. This is a 1080p, h264 rip that wasn’t re-encoded on my end (besides remuxing to strip the DRM). So it seems it’s not just HEVC that can be affected.

Give it a try and see if you can replicate the issue at the same point in the movie.

The playback pipelines for h.264 and h.265 are pretty different, so if it’s happening in both cases it may indicate an issue with an HDMI cable, or another device like an AV receiver that is connected in between the Apple TV and your TV. To eliminate potential hardware issues, you may try a different HDMI cable or input on your TV to see if this has any impact.

Also, you may try adjusting the Chroma option to 4:2:0 as this will be compatible with a wider variety of cables. Lowering this setting will not cause any loss of quality while watching movies or TV shows.