Occasional performance issues

Lately Infuse has been having some random performance issues, where the UI gets laggy, like low-fps kind of thing… And sometimes you rewind in some movie and then the movie itself displays the problem, audio might even get desynchronized. Sometimes the movie would get laggy when you rewind, and then Infuse UI would have the problem as well…

It gets fixed by closing the app and opened it again I think, if not rebooting.

This on Apple TV 4K 2nd gen, with tvOS 17 and updated Infuse.

Never experienced this back when I had tvOS 16.

I don’t think we’ve seen other reports of this, so I would double-check to ensure you running the latest tvOS 17.1 and Infuse 7.6.4 releases.

If the issue appears again, please send in a quick report from your device and post the 5 digit code it gives you here.

Thanks. I haven’t notice the problem after the latest release.

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