Occasional lag playing 4k high bitrate

So i recently got a new 4k tv so obviously im testing stuff out.
I do get occasional lag/microstutter playing 24/25p 4k bluray rips.

30/60p dont what ive noticed atleast, but its hard to see cause i dont have 1h+ material thats 30/60p - like i do with 24/25p movies/documentaries.

Maybe its the appletv being on the limit of what it can play smoothly?

Edit: i also get alot of stutter playing 24p @ 60hz - and its not tv the, 1080p is smooth

Edit again ?: i have a plexserver on my pc in where infuse/appletv plays the files from. Can it be that? I will investigate other ways to add media to infuse.

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Can you check to see if you have the Match Content options enabled on your Apple TV?

Yeah it is. Ive tried switching hz manual aswell. Its not often it lags, but it happends.

If it happens again, and you have a chance to send in a quick report from your Apple TV it may help us track down what’s going on.


The send logs part?

I sent email to Hello@firecore with diagnostics like u said. I mentioned this thread and your name.

I’m getting occasional lag as well over wifi to my LG OLED B8P from a Synology DS215j NAS. I was pretty sure the issue was the wifi but when I tested watching using infuse on my iphone is seems like the lag isn’t there. Does this prove that the issue is not the wifi?

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Nope it doesn’t but if you run an Ethernet cable temporarily and see if that eliminates the problem then that would point to WiFi as the problem.

Hi, I have 3 Apple TVs (2 4Ks and 1 HD). Yesterday I installed tvOS 13 beta 7 on one of the 4K and noticed somE lags when playing 4K movies and iso Blu-ray. Was working like a charm before that. Are you aware of that issue and do you have any recos?

50% of movies have lags (remux), update 13 beta 6/7 , some not high bitrate
the beta 13.6/7 to broken infuse 5/6 and MrMc

Thanks, was trying to diagnose it some other way since the router is pretty far from the TV and thought that streaming to my iphone in the same location might give more of a clue.

With WiFi, an inch or two can make a difference and with the two different antennas and receivers oriented in different ways that in itself could make a world of difference. Running an Ethermet cable is about the only way to be sure. You don’t have to leave the cable there, just lay it out to test and then you can take it back up.

One other thing, if your running SMB, try setting it to 2 or Legacy and see if that helps. If your on Auto and it selects SMB 3 it may be just enough additional overhead to cause your stutters and 2 or Legacy may get you there. Just a thought.

I’ve noticed performance issues on my TVOS13 box that don’t exist with my 12.4 box. I’m assuming everything will be working come release of tvOS 13 in September.

I tested all versions of smb and nfs, on a network gigabyte, no change, I’m on a french forums, we all have the problem in beta, infuse does not work properly , apple to edited tvos and everything broke :frowning:

I was reading on this board that NFS is better than SMB, so I tried switching to that to see if there was any difference. Was on SMB before but not sure which version.

I appreciate that but my response was directed to a specific user who was not having issues on one device and having problems on another. They didn’t state they were using beta software so I was making suggestions to eliminate other sources of possible for their problem.

Well if you have a long Ethernet cable I’d just do a quick test and see if that makes a difference. Otherwise you could try the different SMB levels. If you are running beta OS then maybe just grin and bear it until the release version to see if that plays a part.

Thanks for the suggestion. Was able to connect a bunch of ethernet cables to test it out. It seems to make a difference. Looks like I’ll need something like a powerline ethernet to get better speeds to where the TV is. Thanks again.

Glad you were able to narrow it down but use caution with the powerline adapters, I’ve heard of them inducing more problems than they solve with streaming. Make sure you can return them if they don’t work.