Occasional frame rate drops while playing DV content

I’ve been experiencing this issue since at least tvOS 16, until now - tvOS 17.3 with Infuse 7.7.3.

My hardware and setup:

  • ATV4K 2021 32GB model w/ 1Gbps ethernet connection
  • Match dynamic range (but not framerate as it causes an audio offset)
  • Cache mode is set to Auto, but I’ve tested both Legacy & Memory Only
  • Plex backend that is Direct Playing all content via Infuse - most content being DV Profile 8

While playing UHD Dolby Vision content, there are times where the frame rate will suddenly drop to a very noticeable stutter for a few seconds. Initially, I had assumed it was due to thermal throttling, but because I’ve been monitoring the CPU, fan, and temperatures and neither seem to be excessive. I also have my Apple TV flipped for better airflow.

There’s no specific “file”, as this has occurred for all DV playback, and will occur at random times.

I would love to do some more debugging but I’m not as familiar with tools available for ATV.

Is there anything that would allow me to monitor the fps, cpu, temp, and fan speed manually? Or are there any other settings to toggle or things I can look into?

I do not experience this during playback via Plex, but I suspect that’s because it is playing the HDR10 with fake DV.

As soon as it happens stop playback and submit a diagnostics report to Infuse through the app (at the bottom of settings). You can post the code here. Even though it happens on most the files, there could be something special about your files that is different than others or new to the team, so uploading one that exhibited the issue can help as well

Can you try enabling frame rate matching to see if the issue is still present?

You may also try disabling the ‘Dolby Vision’ option in Infuse > Settings > Playback (this will allow Infuse to play the HDR video layer instead) to see if this makes a difference.

Also, updating to tvOS 17.4 (just for fun) might not be a bad idea.

In general, thermal throttling is not an issue for Infuse like it is for some other apps, but there could be something else going on. As @munpip214 mentioned, submitting diagnostics (and posting the code here) and/or submitting a sample file that is showing the problem could be helpful in tracking down what may be going on here.

Thanks - checking ‘Match Frame Rate’ seems to have resolved the ‘judder’ for now. I was also able to determine that it does occur on HDR as well via Infuse (though still not via Plex interestingly).

While matching frame rate does introduce an audio sync delay, I believe this is no fault of Infuse and I’ve used this test footage to measure out the delay manually:

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