Numbers and File Extentions in 'Media Player' + Meta-Infos


to get the right order in my tv-shows folders Itunes set a number in front of the each movie-file (.mp4). The following screenshot shows a folder on my NAS an the numeration of the files:


On the Apple-TV i set ‘Show File Extensions = No’ (Media -> Settings). The File Extension are now hidden, but the numbers are still there in front of the files. But when i scroll over the files, they disappear:


It would be nice if they are always hidden or always visible, but not both.

Also the Meta-info’s (Actors, Genre, Date/Year, Rating, …)  from the tv-shows are not shown under the short description. I tagged the files (.mp4) with different Movie-Players on my Mac, but they are always not there in the Media Player.


AppleTV Serial: C7RG8AJEDDR5


Apart from this, good work!

Solved the problem :)