Number of unwatched TV Shows Icon in a folder


My congratulations for your amazing atv flash black :) i really love the loo and feel of the UI, but i have one suggestion to make it much better.

In TV Shows mode i have the following folder structure: first a folder with the name of the tv show and folder.jpeg and then inside i have diferent folders to the seasons of the show: season 1 (folder.jpeg inside); season 2 (folder.jpeg inside) etc - the main folder ex: breaking bad folder is in grid view and the season folders are in list view

My suggestion is that is very usefull to have an icon in the season folders with a number for the episodes that are unwatched.

Is that something u are thinking of adding? 

Like this example that i made



It would be nice to see this for List View as well.  I use List View for TV Shows and Grid View for Movies, so it would be nice to see this on the main TV Show folder as well as the Season folder inside.





I woud love that feature.

Please, add this in the next update!

In principle I would like this feature as well.

My concern would be that Media Player may have to scan several folder levels deep to determine this information.   I have a large media library and Media Player is already slow to load a folder.   Therefore it would be important to me that any implementation did not slow this down to any appreciable amount (and ideally made it faster).

Maybe the Scan process can be Cached, and/or be asynchronous?

That is what I would hope, but that would make implementing it harder.  However since scanning capability is now built in to support the new library facility maybe it can run off that in some way?