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Hi guys,

in my TV shows the number of seasons is displayed right under the poster, but I think the general number of seasons (according to TMDb?) are displayed, not the one I have.
For example I have folder “The Office” with 6 subfolders for 6 seasons. There are only 6 seasons in german.
However displayed are 9 (because I know, there are 9 seasons existing).
Is this normal? I would expect to display only the number I have.
By the way I don’t know, if this is only since 7.1 or ealier.

When you click on that poster, does it give you a list of seasons on the next screen?

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No, I get 6 posters for each of my 6 seasons.

It should display the number of seasons you have.

You might try installing today’s 7.1.1 update and allow Infuse to finish it’s scan (you can view progress in Infuse > Settings > Library) and see if things appear correctly afterwards.

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@strwht , I had the same problem as you. What Infuse was doing was consolidating the UK and US versions of the show. This gave me more seasons of The Office than I was expecting as it added in Specials. This is due to how TMDB finds shows. TMDB will preference the most popular version, where TVDB uses first released as its reference. For example:

Folder (and file) naming when using TVDB
The Office - 3 seasons (2 + Specials)
The Office (US) - 9 seasons

Folder (and file) names required to work with TMDB
The Office (2001)
The Office (2005)

What Infuse was doing with the original naming structure was combining both the UK and US Season 1 together and also Season 2. And then adding the UK Specials as an additional season to the US show.

Other shows that were impacted were Life on Mars (US and UK) and Wallander (UK and Swedish).
Shows such as The Killing (Danish and US) and The Bridge (Swedish and UK) weren’t affected as I had retained the non-English names for these shows and TMDB had no issue with that.

Hope this helps.

FWIW, whilst Steve Carell was good, Ricky Gervais and the UK version are brilliant !

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I will try it out today, thank you!

Thank you for the detailed answer.
However I don’t think this is the reason, because I also have The Office in american audio in a separate folder with 9 seasons. Infuse shows two tv shows (this is what I want!). So all good. But according to your logic, also the american version should show three more season, but it doesn’t is also shows 9 seasons.

Clarification question required. You have two copies of the US version of The Office stored in separate folders. One with six seasons with German audio and one with nine seasons with American audio. Is this correct? And are you viewing via the Library or Folder view?

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This is correct, via folder view. In library view I would see only one show (with duplicate episodes).

„Problem“ still occurs, even with 7.1.1. I mean it really isn’t a problem.

Also I’ve checked other shows and all other TV shows are displaying the correct number of seasons, even if there are more. Only for my „The Office“ scenario it’s wrong.

So it seems that Infuse is correct that you have all nine seasons, just their mixed between two places. You may be able to move the one that you don’t want included to a different favorite and remove that fav from the ones included in the library.

So all is good correct?

I have both versions in different folders.
I won’t move it, because both (and other shows) are in my favorite called TV shows.
However I don’t want to make a fuzz of it. Thank you still! :slight_smile:

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I have run a test by putting a TV show in two separate folders and checking the season count via folder view and you are entirely correct. For the folder that only contains one season, its telling me it has two seasons. The other folder does have two seasons. Very strange.

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Oh okay, thank you for testing and confirming.
Strange, but to be honest it is not the biggest problem.