Null entries on home

Hi, I have these empty entries on my Infuse home page.

When I tried to delete them I get the following error,

And the entries are kept on home. I tried uninstalling and installing the app, but those entries don’t go away.

I’m pretty sure their supposed to be there as place holders. If you proceed with the prompt to “Find some videos…” they will be replaced with what you choose.

Even after I added some videos to my Library, these entries didn’t disappear. I have the same videos in the Infuse app in my Mac Mini nut the entries don’t appear on that machine.

From your screen caps it looks like the blanks were replaced with titles. Not sure what you’re asking.

Looks like it just scrolled to show more items

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Hard to tell from three progressive stills. I don’t currently have the MacOS version running so I can’t verify. Would help if the OP would state if they could scroll back to the 3 place holders or if they disappeared when shows started populating things.

You can tell by the little arrows on the side that it is no longer left justified

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Are you running the MacOS version? Can you duplicate what they are seeing?

I have the Mac version but unfortunately do not have the blank posters…

Do you recall if you had them when you first loaded Infuse? Is that bar like the one in ATV home that will show recently added, watching, and others and you can choose which of these it will display?

A few things you can try here…

Try to mark these items as watched (right-click)

Clear all Metadata in Preferences > General

Hi everyone, thanks for the help given, I tried marking them as watched but these entries are still there, just with the progress bar “filled” I also tried clearing the metadata but it didn’t work

What happens if you click on them?

I get the following error

And the amount of empty entries increases by one

Changing the options for the Up Next List to Recently Added Only remove the empty entries, If I change it back to On or Recently Watched appear again: