NtoTV - What can i do with this?


Hi Everyone,
Firstly firecore i’d like to say a big thanks to the seamless intergartion you have into the orig atv2 menu it looks great!

i have running (Beta6) - all going well etc…

I noticed that it has also installed NitoTV. Ive searched the internet about NitoTv and there actually doesn’t seem to be much information on it.

I “get” what it’s supposed to do i see the option to add a few ‘widgets’ but what i’m curious about is the option that says “add a package” it then prompts me to add a repo address etc…etc… I’m fairly familiar with cydia etc, but can ayone suggest a site/list of “atv2 friendly” repos or programs i can add in at this point??? - I figured i must be missing out on a whole range of them since such option exists? - hopefully all this makes sense.

Any help or suggestions anyone can give on this would be great!!