NTFS formatted external drive

I noticed that one of the kext’s being loaded is an ntfs.ifs kext which in the log appears to install okay. When I attach an ntfs formatted drive (I have 1TB of videos on the drive) the drive is not seen/mounted. Has anyone managed to get external ntfs file system support working? Is there a FAQ on it? Should the drive be labelled in a particular way?



Unfortunately the bottom line is NTFS drives are not supported. They can appear in the diskutil list, but will not be readable by the AppleTV software.

Mac OS and FAT32 formats are supported.

Hmm interesting. So what’s the ntfs.ifs for? Given there are a number of open source ntfs.ifs’s out there that allow both reading and writing of NTFS formatted drive partitions - is this likely to be a new feature in future releases?

I can mount and read ntfs in OSX… I’m interested to understand the technical detail of why it is not supported?

I’d love to get it going - it will save me lots of time in accessing the data.