NTFS file format

I have photos and video stored on a QNAP NAS with the drives in NTFS format - connected to a Vigor router.

Will aTV Flash Black be able to recognise these drives and stream the content wirelessly? I read somewhere that the drives have to be formatted in FAT 32 which is not really practical for me. Thanks for your help.

Yes, when streaming over the network the drive format will not matter.

The HFS+/FAT32 format limitation is only for drives that are connected directly to the AppleTV via USB.

Hi thanks for replies. Got it all set up and works nicely with NAS/NTFS.

Curious re James’ reference to ‘drives that are connected directly to the AppleTV via USB’ as I thought the usb connection on the ATV2 was only for updates. Presumably James you are referring to the earlier ATV1?

Right, the micro-USB port on the ATV2 cannot be used for external drives, but the ATV1 will support external drives.

You posted in the ATV1 section, so I assumed that’s the one you had.