NTFS Drive Issue

Dear all,

I am a newbee in the mac environment, so hopefully someone will be able to assist me with my issue as google couldn’t help me out.

I have an Imac 2010 model and an external harddrive (NTFS) attached, containing mkv movies.

Now, when I boot under bootcamp windows, infuse will see my PC and harddrive under networks which allows me to play my movies without any issue.

If I boot under Apple OS Mavericks, I can access the Mac under infuse, however it will not see my NTFS harddrive containing my mkv movies.

Although I enabled fiesharing on the Mac and add the external harddrive under the sharing, it will not get visible in Infuse.

Is this a common issue or do I do something teribly wrong here.

I tried searching google for a solution, however I couldn’t find anything.


Kind regards,


I’ve got the same issue since I updated my imac to yosemite.
I tried with paragon NTFS for max as well as NTFS3G but it did not help.
from infuse on ATV, i can not see rtfs disks.

how did you solve your problem ?