Now Watching won't appear on Up Next

Hi, not really sure what’s up with this. My top “Up Next” bar won’t update with the next episode of a show after I watch something. It has this one episode that it says I’m in the middle of - but I finished that episode already.

I scrubbed to the end and let it end, then the entire “Up Next” disappears.

(screenshot removed because I can only add one, shows same as above but without the Up Next)

It was just showing my recently added first, but I removed that on the settings.

(screenshot removed because I can only add one, shows the settings where I toggled “Up Next List” to “Watchin Only”)

I’m on Mac, Apple TV and iPhone and see the same issue on all. Connecting through a server that is JellyFin.

As a reference, Next Up does work correctly on Jellyfin. Just not on Infuse for some reason.

I’m using a Plex server and reported this issue months ago, along with all sorts of other problems that suddenly showed up. Never did get a response, but I’m guessing that’s because the new direct mode for Plex, JellyFin etc servers is on the way soon.