Now testing iOS6 Beta on my aTV2 and aTV3

Now testing iOS6 Beta on my aTV2 and aTV3 - will provide feedback over the next few days…  I know the devteam have exploits for iOS6, however they will not be used until release of iOS6 so not point asking about JB for iOS6 yet.

Well i can report at this point there is nothing new with iOS 6 for aTV2 or 3 - no new applications, no option to add applications, and no new settings from a first look. :(  Will look further and report any further findings…

Yeah, no surprise there. In the past, Apple has made the ATV betas available only for AirPlay testing. For example - All the iOS 5.1 betas had the old style menus, and the new menu style was not added until the final release.

Chances are if they’re adding new features to the Apple TV we won’t see them until the Fall.  :frowning:

Did you see the 'Activatiion" field on the ‘About’ screen?  Wonder what’s going to be activated…

how about the new beta 2? any new features added ?

this might be chance for atv 3 owners to get jailbreak if they find an exloit

Well beta 2 has no additional new functionality - I did some testing after installing the lastest update last night on both ATV3 and ATV2 and neither device has any more to offer than the current 5.x iOS release.

It looks like iOS 6 Beta 2 allows reordering of icons on Apple TV.

Links courtesy of Fofer.