"Now playing" section on ATV

sorry if this has been already answered, but I couldn’t find it.

There’s one thing that really bugs me :slight_smile:
On ATV4K, currently on tVOS 13 beta (but it doesn’t matter, happens on any tvOS version) and Infuse 6.1.4.
When entering app, there’s a “Now playing” section on top, which displays shows that I am currently watching. I connect to my Mac and watch files from there.
Sometimes I delete files on Mac, rather than on ATV Infuse app itself, so I have some “ghost” shows in “Now playing” that I cannot get rid of :frowning:

For example, I am having “TV Show A” as in progress, when I click on it, I have 10 episodes to select from, all marked as watched (that’s true), but I cannot delete it, either episode by episode, or the whole show itself.

Shows that I am currently watching “TV Show B”, show in the “Now playing” section, and I delete episode by episode in Infuse app itself and that works. When I go through Season 1, it disappears and I go to Season 2, etc.

How do I get rid of “ghost” shows that I deleted on my Mac, and which Infuse refuses to let go of? :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum!

For the upcoming 6.2 release, we’re working to add the ability to add/remove items to Infuse’s watchlist. This will allow you to sort of bookmark items you want to watch, or remove items you’ve started but did not want to finish.

However, in the current version, you can mark an item as watched to remove it from this list.

Thanks for the welcome!
Unfortunately, this didn’t work. The only way I was able to remove item that was already watched is to re-download it to Mac and then make sure to delete it from InFuse.
Looking forward to 6.2, though :slight_smile:

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