Now 5.3, how to go back to 5.2?

I had a JB’ed aTV2. Due to some problems it got messed up and I ended up with 5.3. So now I have a tethered aTV2 on 5.3.


However I would very much like to have an untethered aTV. So I checked the backupped firmware (on the Firecore servers using the aTV) and there I see "ios 5.2 (10B144b). Does thi mean I can go back to an untethered 5.2 and if so: How doI do that?



It should.

The process is to run SeasonPass, but right-click the Create IPSW option (or CMD-Click on Max OS) and select the 5.2 release from those that are displayed.

Thanks for the quick rwply. It works?


Again a good reason to pay for a good product.




when I do right click and seleted 5.2 (10B144b) it said this Apple TV is not elibility for this verson.

Could you help me how to revolve these problem. My apple tV2  5.3(10B809)

Thank you

do you have saved blobs? you could only downgrade or upgrade if you have a saved blob particular to your unit.