Nothing under Internet works except Netflix

I’m running iOS 4.4.3 (3323) 5.0.1 (9A405l) jailbroken with the latest Seas0npass ( Nothing works under the Internet tab except Netflix. All video content (YouTube, WSJ, etc.) shows the spinning working icon when a video is selected. However, Netflix works fine so it’s not a connection problem. All local content plays fine as well when Media Player is installed. This behavior is present after a clean restore jailbreak BEFORE aTVflash black 1.1 is even installed. I get the same results after aTVflash is installed. I have rejailbroken multiple times with the same outcome.
I’m starting to think this has something to do with all the AirPlay problems people have been reporting for the last month and a half (, myself included. Mirroring works fine with my iPad 2, but any stock Apple apps (YouTube, Trailers) exhibit the same working icon and never play when attempting to use AirPlay. Third party iPad apps with AirPlay such as inMethod’s Air Video work fine. The AirPlay interface for Air Video looks a little different than Apple’s, so maybe they are using a different framework.

Support ticket has also been opened.

So this problem is still persistent. I opened a support ticket (Request #23672) and all support did was ask me questions that were already answered in my original support request, this continued over the course of three replies. I finally stopped answering questions that were already answered in the first post of my support request.

So, I’m posting here again for some user input since the support team is just playing games when they reply to my support requests.

So flash forward to today. I restored my AppleTV to the factory 4.4.4 firmware. Tested Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, Radio, etc. Everything worked perfect. I then proceeded to jailbreak with the current Seas0npass (PC - and the newest iTunes (, tether booted, and BEFORE I even install ATVflash black, I test YouTube, Vimeo, Radio, etc. and they have stopped working. Netflix still works fine. I can see the Firecore logo in the bottom right corner so I know it’s jailbroken. No third party programs have been installed at this point. This is a clean jailbroken 4.4.4 install.

Has anyone experienced these problems?

SUCCESS!!! I finally figured this one out. I have been jailbreaking my AppleTV with my Windows 7 desktop in the bedroom. Then I would use an old Windows XP laptop to do the tethered boot in the living room. I never thought that this would be a problem. I decided to do the entire process on the laptop and now everything works perfect. Not sure if it’s using different computers or using different OS’s.


You might want to add this little tidbit to the tether boot instructions.