Nothing happens when i plug AppleTV !!! Stuck in jailbreaking tutorial..

i’m following this guide:

i’m stuck at step4… i plug my appletv with the usb cable, then i hold PLAY and MENU for 7 seconds… my laptop will beep (indicating a USB device was connected) then the AppleTV’s light is flashing very fast…
And then… nothing happens… i never see the step5 screen indicating it is restoring from itunes, i get with step4’s scren…

Then my laptop will beep just like usb was disconnected, and appletv’s light will stop flashing… but nothing happens!!


by the way, i am using winxp

ok i finally got it after using a trick i found on another thread, but now i have a new problem… when itunes launch for the restore process, it ends up with an error popup windows telling me “an unknown error has occured” and that the restore process failed… wtf ?