Not sorting when local metadata

I have organised everything with Tinymediamanager this weekend.
For movies everything ok, but not for tvshows.
If online metadata, everything is fine, but when I change to local metadata, the episodes are not shown in seasons, but just all in a row with the thumbs.
Every episode has its own .nfo file (created by TMM).

Why does this not work when in local metadata mode?

If I use online, then there will always be data exchange between TMDB etc. or not?

I hope someone can help.


PS. This happens on iPad and iMac version. AppleTV not tested yet.

TV shows don’t currently work with nfo files but there is a suggestion thread requesting this.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in that thread to show your support for that suggestion! :wink:

REALLY, are you kidding me??

Infuse is a paid app, and it doesn’t support NFO for TV Shows???. Again, are you kidding me!

I love infuse, it is the one who made me stop using Plex and Kodi. For me this is reason to ask my money back and go back to Plex and/or Kodi.
I worked hours on solving this issue and hearing now it doesn’t support nfo, was (in Dutch: voor de kat zijn kut)
Very very disappointing!!

This really SUCKS.

I put tvshows back to ONLINE metadata, and now all is messed up.
After updating metadata not one tvshows is showing up in the library under ALL TVSHOWS. It says EMPTY MAP Nothing to see.

What the hell is going on with infuse.

All this ■■■■ happened just because a PAID app does not support NFO reading for TV Shows. I am ■■■■■■. :rage:


Infuse allows .nfo to be used to modify information displayed in the UI for both TV shows and movies — but only when those titles are first identified as something from TMDB.

.nfo can not be used in place of identifying titles via TMDB. If you do not allow online metadata, your files won’t get scraped and identified and will not be shown in the library.

If you do allow titles to be scraped by TMDB, you will be able to change (or, more accurately, override what is displayed for) their titles, series titles, episode titles, synopses, release dates, content ratings/certifications, and cast and crew listings.

Additionally (but only for Movie titles), you can alter their genre tags.

Infuse, however, will continue to ignore a users’ filenames when sorting TV titles by filename. Infuse seems to use TMDB-derived series names as stand-in filenames instead of actual filenames — presumably because it’s easier, as there’s only one series title per title but lots of individual files making up a TV series, while movies are always singular files (Infuse not yet supporting multi-part movie files, either).

In short; if you want to use local metadata, you paradoxically need to enable online metadata. Only by using online metadata will your titles be recognized (as something), and you then be able to change what they are displayed as, via .nfo.

With online metadata enabled, Infuse will display local .nfo-sourced metadata, if it exists, instead of online metadata …

… but it won’t if online metadata is turned off (in place of “use local metadata”).

Nifty, huh?