Not shown in tv series 911 and S.W.A.T


Both series mentioned above are on my NAS and are recognized with the App “DS Video” from Synology. But Infuse don’t show it, so I think it doesn’t know it.

How can I fix this issues?

If you name the files for S.W.A.T like this “S.W.A.T 2017 S01E01.EXT” it will work, this is one of the strange ones that has the year after the name.

For 911 use file names like “9.1.1.S01E01.EXT”

Both will work with infuse without any hassles.


Both its not working

I tested both naming convictions prior to posting and both worked as they should so you may have other issues.

How are you connected to the share? SMB, FTP, DLNA ?

Just to clarify, can you even see the file via Infuse or are you not even able to create the share to start with?


Yes I can see the min my created folder with the file Name but no in the New tv Series folder for example

Are you talking about in the “Library” “TV Shows”?


Both Shows are bot there

Only with file Name in my folder in Library

Sounds like it’s working correctly then. If it shows in the Library under TV shows then it’s getting the metadata and artwork. I believe otherwise it’d be in the “Others” library.


Its Not in tv Shows! Its only in my manual folder