Not showing thumbnails on some movies

On certain movies i get a black thumbnail, no matter what i do, it does not change. Tried manual search etc, the movie is found but no thumbnail is loaded. Occurs on about 10%.
Works fine on Iphone though.


I get 20% of my media with thumbs and the rest without.

Let’s try to check the settings of Infuse. May be you have switched on Embedded Metadata option. try to switch off it and reload metadata for “black thumbnail” movies. Might be it helps…

Thanks - Hello I have tried that 2x :slight_smile:

This works if you additionally search for the movie manually and select the right one.

Thanks But I have 600+ movies that I don’t want to search for “the right one” as that would take for ever. I have already put the correct meta data in. :slight_smile:

Do you have metadata fetching disabled? If so, Infuse will auto-generate a thumbnail from the video itself for files that do not contain embedded artwork.

I have all the correct Meta data included already. So no I have not turned it on. :slight_smile:

I’d recommend turning on both Embedded Metadata and Metadata Fetching.

Doing this will cause Infuse to look for and use embedded metadata/artwork first, and only use the online services only to fill in any missing gaps.

Ok will try thx - on a similar topic - my continuous play function does not work when I select “Movies” or “TV Shows” but does when I select ALL. Again tho, I have all the correct meta info on my 100+ TV episodes and 1000+ Movies. Cheer and much appreciated.

Infuse relies on a correct IMDb number in order to determine what is a movie or TV show. Enabling Metadata Fetching will add these wherever they are missing, so you should be able to kill two birds with one stone. :wink:

Note: After enabling Metadata Fetching you may need to use the option to clear all metadata to ensure everything is updated properly.

Great thanks - were do I find the IMDB number in the meta data as few of my movies are not listed on IMDB. Will Infuse permanently save the Meta data (embed) it? Cheers

Infuse will fetch the IMDb number automatically, though it’s not possible to add it manually.

All metadata used by Infuse is stored within the app, and we deliberately avoid making any changes to your files.

Ok thanks - I’d love to change the meta data permanently so i’ll look around and see if I can find the info my self. Cheers

For MP4 files I use Subler to edit all embedded tags & artwork. This includes episode #'s for TV Shows via theTVDatabase.