Not showing folders and frequently unable to navigate folders

So I recently brought Infuse for my Apple TV after being impressed with how slick it is. After buying the Pro version (I tried out the “lite” version first for a month or so) I was able to have most of my media recognised and those files that weren’t were manually edited to the correct ones. I was then able to navigate in and out of folders at will with NO issues. I have the SAME internet connection I did then.

I then made the mistake of having it updated to the latest version.

1) Now I frequently get told “unable to connect” when browsing a folder. Then, when you navigate to the parent folder (even though you were browsing there before) it says “unable to connect” again.
Also, if you try to change/edit the metadata, after selecting the correct one, browse back and you get “unable to connect” again.
In fact, the “unable to connect” message is so frequent now, that half your time is spent navigating out of the app completely, then re-opening it in order to browse again.

2) Plus, artwork is a BIG issue. Now all of a sudden, many folders will NOT display the folder.jpg artwork that it use to do prior to the update.
This results in many folders simply looking like a blank folder icon and makes the GUI look ugly.
Also, when selecting the correct metadata, the artwork initially loads up fine, but about 2 minutes later it will suddenly refuse to show and give you a thumbnail of the video instead. So even though it has fetched the correct metadata, it periodically won’t fetch/display the correct artwork accompanying that metadata.
I have quite a few folder.jpg and cover.jpg artworks for folders and many of them are no longer showing now!

ALL of the above events have ONLY started happening after the latest update. I have the SAME network and settings and before everything worked fine, but now the app is almost unusable.

If anyone has any suggestions I would be grateful because the app is terrible now :frowning:

3) I would also like the ability to selectively erase metadata for specific videos. For instance, if I have a video about Sharks and I go to edit to select the correct one, it might come up with 5 different titles called Shark. Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing which one is the correct one UNTIL you select it, navigate back and find it’s incorrect. So now you go to the next title called Shark and try that etc etc.
…but let’s say none of the 5 are correct - you’re now stuck with the last title you selected with no way of deleting that metadata alone. You can delete ALL metadata for EVERYTHING but that’s not ideal when you have a large library and only want selected videos to be changed.

If no 3 ^^^ could be implemented in a new updated that would be great too :slight_smile:

I have the exact same issue with numbers 1 and 2.
The folder artwork used to work just fine previous the last update, I have the same internet connection and same hard drive as before.
Now I also get the error message every few minutes of navigating

I am having the same problem. First version worked just fine, whatever came with the update gives me those same issues.

I do have the same issues here

Hello developers? Anyone there? Any interest in fixing this at all or even acknowledging the problems we’re having?

Maybe it’s something simple we’re doing on our end that is easily remediable?

Any clues?

Just spent 4 minutes with the app on my Apple TV, 3 minutes of which was spent staring at “unable to connect” and trying to navigate out of folders in order to have them browsable again.

Seriously, it’s quite perplexing that immediately after spending £8 to buy this app, it is unusable…

What kind of device are you streaming from? Are you using SMB, UPnP/DLNA, etc…?

While we haven’t seen any issues like the ones you’re describing here, the upcoming 4.1 version will include a number of new features and quite a few general improvements which could potentially help resolve what’s going on.

Lastly, we are planning to add an option to adjust metadata on a bit more gradual level (file/folder) though this probably won’t make an appearance until at least version 4.2.

I am using a Time Capsule, previous to this version, this did not happen.
I have tried uninstalling the app at least twice and the same results.

How is your Wi-Fi signal where the Apple TV is used?

We’ve found (and resolved) an issue that was affecting browsing/streaming when Wi-Fi signal levels were less than ideal. This fix will be available in 4.1.

My router and Time Capsule are next to the Apple TV. I will try resetting all wifi settings to see if anything changes.
All video files load perfectly and very fast.

Not sure if it helps, but I am having same issue and all my components are wired together. Apple TV has network cable directly to Airport Extreme.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

So here’s my setup:

AppleTV4 wired via ethernet to Homeplug which connects to Airport (one that looks like a tower).
Plugged into airport is a USB HDD with a Toshiba 2TB drive with my media files on it.

So: ATV4 → ethernet cable → Homeplug (ATV end )-> Homeplug (Airport end) → ethernet cable → Airport → USB HDD (Airdisk)

This way, the AIrport will “broadcast” the Toshiba as an Airdisk which I can browse without any problems using afp: on my MacbookPro and used to be rock solid and perfectly readable using smb: wired to ATV4.

Now with Infuse 4.0.3, I get the “cannot connect” error along with the “ignoring folder.jpg files” issue (didn’t with previous version). I’ve also noticed that it takes far longer to read a directory (took 51seconds to load my Movies folder yesterday).
If I get the error, as soon as I navigate to the ATV4 homescreen and then back into the Infuse app, everything works again for a few seconds.
Interestingly, to prove it’s not a network issue, if I get the “cannot connect” issue and navigate to anything else that uses internet (e.g. BBC iPlayer or YouTube) everything loads and works fine - no internet issues.
Further, if I then use FileBrowser instead, everything connects and works as it should with the folders loading within half a second and no connect errors.
This might be because I think FB uses the afp: protocol instead? (I might be wrong).

However, I prefer Infuse (when it works) because it has a slicker and smarter looking interface, plays more files, and looks like native iTunes.

I’ve tried connecting via WiFi (AC) but same thing happens.

Just updated to 4.1 and the problem still appears
My movie subfolders, the image i have for them, does not appear.
Tried uninstalling the app and fetch all metadata and the same happened!

What can I do?

What protocol do you have set for the connection? I believe that you cannot get your own artwork set for DLNA.

4.1, same problem but slightly different:

A: Instead of “connection error” you now get “empty folder” but same thing applies. However, it IS with less frequency but still too frequent to allow browsing without having to exit the app every minute or so.

B: Icons randomly sometimes show and sometimes don’t. Most of them do for standalone media, if the media happens to be in a folder then sometimes your own folder.jpg will show and sometimes it won’t. I have 4 folders inside my movies folder where the images showed on first launch but subsequently refuse to.
^^^^Can each individual folder “refresh artwork” like the main icons on the index screen? If so, implementing that might fix the problem.

I’m using standard SMB: protocol on an AppleTV (don’t know what subtype, 1, 2,3 etc - just using as standard whatever the OSX does).

Hi! I use a Time Capsule, SMB by default, I tried changing the name of a folder and the image appeared, but sometimes this does not work

4.1 does not work for me either…

Hard Drive attached to Airport Extreme - was working fine on 4.0 - 2 folders of Movies and I could watch on Apple TV, iPad, iPhone etc. Now all I keep getting is “Sorry, Infuse encountered an error while trying to connect” - on any device - apple Tv, iPad or numerous iPhones.

Please help - great product. Would this be sorted by Pro? Happy to purchase if so…


I’m having this “not showing folders” error too

Everything was working fine till this new update.
Now I need to disconnect the apple tv and airport time capsule, then connect airport - > apple tv to start working again. And everything works fine for some time.
How can i downgrade the app, is there any way to do it?

Apple TV 4 9.1.1 (I did not update yet to 9.2).


Since the latest update I am also having the same trouble. My favorite folders are showing empty until I delete and re-add my dlna server.

My other devices show the server just fine. I am using universal media server on a Windows machine which worked fine before the update.

Same issue since last monday. I’m not sute but I guess it’s been updated.
It was all working fine before.
I have two sources: an OSX shared folder and a Sandisk USB connected to an airport. And I usually stream video to an Apple TV and an iPad

I wish this info may help somehow. Now:
From the iPad I can see video files from both sources.
From the Apple TV I still see the Sandisk files, but get the error trying to open the OSX one.
Deleted/ reintalled the App and still the same

Hi again,

I found a solution. At least for me.
This other post gave me the clue: Unable to reach Nas
I had the Mac plugged (ethernet) and connected to the wifi at the same time. Once the wifi has been disabled, it worked again