Not Seeing My Drive or Movies??

Hello, I just purchased and installed atvflash. I am happy with its performance and abilities. I am however having an issues with the external hard drive function. I have not upgraded to 3.0.2 I have a 2tb Mybook Essential. I run all Macs so it is formatted Mac OS extended Journal. The problem is that ATV is not recognizing all of my files or my drive for that matter.

I first set it up as default as external for the ATV and tried sending files to it through cyberduck. It was going fine till I got to about 40GB which is what the internal drive is and stopped transferring. So it is not transfering to the external drive or recognizing it? So I set it back to internal and unmounted the HD and unplugged it. The movies were still showing up in File/movies and played from that location. So I deleted them through Cyberduck and went to option 2.

Option 2
I transferred all 530GB of movies on to the drive. I tried setting it up as a secondary source but it is not recognizing the drive. It is only showing the 40GB of files that I transferred the first time. The other 490GB seems to be missing in action. I have the drive connected to my mac right now and it is showing all the files. How do I get this to work properly. Do I need to uninstall ATVFlash and re-install?


Files you transfer to the Movies folder will be stored on the external drive. The external drive will be listed inside the Movies folder. This will allow you to transfer files directly to/from the external drive.

Thanks for the reply. The problem is that is will only take 40gb while the external 2tb drive is connected and set to external storage. when I change it back to internal and plug in a full external drive it only recognizes the 40gb that where transferred while set to external and the remaining files don’t show up.

Are you transferring the files to the actual Movies folder? Files stored in the Movies folder will be stored on the internal drive.

Doing a factory restore and installing again. It might be an issue with the way I set it up the first time. So I will start clean and let you know how that goes. Thanks again.

Well did the reinstall and it worked for one movie. Now it wont locate my hard drive again. I have unmounted and rebooted ATV and plugged the hard drive in and still nothing. :x :evil: Any thoughts as to why this is happening? Or am I going to have to uninstall ATVFlash ask for a refund and just stream from iTunes again??

Is the drive being disconnected while the AppleTV is on? If so, it should be unmounted through the nitoTV --> Files menu.

To do this, highlight the drive, and press the left arrow (<<) to unmount it.

Thanx, you seem to be my best friend with this. I did not un mount it because the ATV froze so i had to unplug it. Now it wont recognize my drive at all. I have not done a restore yet. That is what fixed it last time but that seems a little harsh to have to system restore and reinstall everytime. Right now I am just streaming like usual through iTunes until I can get this working. Also one thing i saw on here is that the file playback is maxed at 720. most of my files are 1280x688 is that going to be an issues with playback when I get this thing up and running? Again thanks for your patience and help.

You may try powering on the AppleTV, then connecting the drive.

The AppleTV will support files up to 5 Mbps, maximum resolution 1280x720 @ 24fps, 960x540 @ 30fps

I definitely have to have my external drive detached when booting up then attach it afterwards.

Hmm, now I’m having problems since I updated to 4.1. I have rebooted then attached my drive and I can no longer see it.

If the AppleTV system software was updated the Smart Installer will need to be re-ran.

I did that as soon as I updated.