Not seeing Audio Files

I just Purchased Infuse 5 and for videos its great, but when I add an Audio share it doesn’t see any files. On the advertisement page it lists all the audio formats it plays, but my audio shares are showing up empty.

Can you please advise?

Free standing audio files are not currently supported. The audio formats listed applies to the case of audio embedded in video files.

I would suggest you add your vote for this feature at to see if adding support for music files can be pushed up the priority list.

No no no no…!!!

Keep the app as the best video player on the market for iOS and tvOS but there is stil a lot to be done before it reaches perfection.

Whatever other initiativ would just take away development resources from the Video functionality and even worse that compromises have to be done where the video functionality is suffering.

What is then the next wish… should the app also brew coffee and walk my dog!!!

I would love to see them produce a music app. Perhaps separately rather than combined with Infuse. I think Infuse would have the basics there already. The problem is metadata, which I think is a lot more complex than for movies. Happy to make my own coffee, and I don’t have a dog.