Not restarting in iTunes? Seas0nPass 5.0.1

Hi alll, does anyone know why it wont reboot/reload in itunes? everything goes fine it opens up itunes and the nothing. it seems to do nothing and i left it for 20 odd mins.


I run SP as admin, checked all other things but now i am stuck :/

Im also getting the same thing. Waiting on itunes to restore…

:( why why why  :frowning:


Here is what I did. Connect ATV to comp and open iTunes. Hold down shift and tap restore.
The .ipsw file will be in the seas0n Pass folder. May need to search for the file location. Choose the .ipsw file to restore to.

I will see if I can get some time today to post the jailbroken IPSW.

Then you only would need to use iREB (from to put the device into PwnDFU mode.


Thank you mat. Can you let us know when you have done this or let me know where you will be putting the jailbroken IPSW. I did it last night but it did not work. I have to try afew most things here be four i post back here