Not receiving app notifications

i just switched from infuse 5 pro to 6 pro.
now, when downloading videos in the background, i am not getting any notifications like ‚download paused‘ or ‚download finished‘ like i used to get in version 5 pro.
in the settings the notifications are on (general and in the app settings), background app refresh is on. i am not on night mode (do not disturb). i am getting notifications from all other apps but not from infuse 6 pro.
(running on ipad 5 gen, ios 13.1.3)
please help, thx

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Infuse 6 allows for background downloads and other activity, so you won’t receive notifications that an app download is paused.

You will continue to receive notifications when a download is complete. However, since the background activity schedule is handled by iOS, the downloads can occur right away…or later once iOS decides it’s a good time.

sorry, i think you misunderstood me there. i never said anything about an ‚app download‘. i wrote about ‚downloading videos‘ as in adding files via nas server to my device for example. in infuse 5 pro i always got notifications like ‚get your popcorn. download is done‘ or ‚download has stopped‘ ( i’m paraphrasing here).
now that i switched to infuse 6 pro, i am not getting these notifications anymore.

Hmm, are you saying the downloads are getting completed, but no notification shows up?

The paused notification is no longer present, since iOS pauses things almost immediately…but can resume as soon as a few moments while the app is in the background.

okay, so now i guess it is an ios 13 thing to which i also just updated. in ios 12 infuse 5 pro did last way longer downloading in the background and notified my if stopped or completed. i‘ll adjust and work around it by using splitscreens. and flag this question as solved. thx.

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