Not pulling metadata for random episodes

Using Taboo as an example, a recent episode was released today. I name the file Taboo-S01E08 and place it in the Taboo folder in one of the shares. I open Infuse on ATV4 and let it scan for any changes, as it should pick up the latest episode and pull the metadata down from thetvdb. Instead of pulling the metadata down, it names it Episode 8. Sometimes a rescan fixes this, but for some of my files it doesn’t. It does show up in TV shows > Taboo library though.

One that it hasn’t fixed was Dragon Ball Super-S05E03. This shows up as Episode 79 and has been this way for a while now.

Any ideas?

Are you able to get the results you want by editing the metadata for those particular episodes? Sometimes the source for the metadata lags or is incorrect due to it being an open source.

Sometimes that works and sometimes that doesn’t. In the case of episode 79 of Dragon Ball Super, it hasn’t worked for a while now.