Not possible to show double feature with different posters

I have two different Donnie Darko movies in this dual pack. One is the standard cut of Donnie Darko, the other is the extended one. I am not seeing any way to show different posters for these. I think uPnP might be the reason I have failed with meta data every time. If the movies are shared on samba, will that make it work better? I tried creating an entry for this on themoviedb and it was deleted. I think I have spend more time trying to get meta data working than a full time job at this point.

Unless TMDB has the two movies listed as different movies you’d probably need to get creative with adding a XML/nfo file for the one they don’t separate out and give it a name like “Donnie Darko Extended 2021” and add your own artwork for it alongside the xml file.

A little work but doable.

It is on TMDb list to add multiple cuts but it is down pretty far so who knows when we will see that.

@NC_Bullseye I finally switched to samba which is like night-and-day for how well infuse works. It would be great if the metadata 101 had something about custom metadata it not working with uPnP. That would have saved me at least 16 hours of time trying to get the metadata data set up… and I still need to need to port the work I have already done.

I’m not likely to use the data directly from themoviedb and thetvdb because it often doesn’t match the locale of the content in the best case scenario.