Not Playing Movies Split Across Multiple Files

Hi All,

As indicated in subject line Infuse 6 Pro will NOT play videos like Ben Hur (1959 version) as it is some 3hrs and 52 min split over 2 mkv files.
Files are named according to Plex instructions found here: Naming and organizing your Movie files | Plex Support
Is there any remedy for this?
Files are played in the standard Plex player without problem.

thank you

Infuse currently doesn’t recognized multipart files. An easy work around would be to create a play list of both parts. Also many have joined multi part videos to create one video file.

You can add your support to a currently running thread in the Suggestions forum here Multi-file movie support

As mentioned, joining the two files is a solution. I have done it for at least Ben Hur, Bridge over the river Kwai, and Lord of the Rings. I used mkvtoolnix to join the two files together into a single mkv and Infuse plays it just fine.