Not Jailbroken!

Hi everyone, I jailbreaked the device couple months ago and it’s working fine except when I tried to connect via wifi using WinSCP in order to put new plugins in the XBMC I noticed that I wasn’t able to access the root of my device and tried just for the heck of it I tried using XBMCHUB Wizard and Nito Installer they both told me that my device isn’t jailbroken! I am not sure if anyone did update the device without my knowledge but as far as the XBMC in my ATV it works fine and I still do the tethered booting when needed… WTH is going on??? tried season pass doing the jailbreaking process from point zero but no luck as the itunes can’t restore my ATV and gives me this error 3194… tried to fix the error itself went to the host file in the root of my windows/system32/drivers/etc opened notepad and looked for that specific line but couldn’t find god am just tired of this process already!

any suggestion in my case here? Thanks guys