Not having much luck

I’ll preface this with ‘I know this is beta software and it won’t work perfectly’, but…

Whilst everything appears to set up ok, I’m not having any luck with usable playback. avi files are usually out of sync (no problem with them when played through my PS3) full DVD rips don’t play back full screen, and mkv files stutter. Lots of people seem to be having better results, so does anyone have any tips? I’m streaming files from a USB hard drive attached to an airport extreme, which is connected to the aTV2 with a network cable.

Also, from an interface point of view, I’d love to see a browser for my movies that matched the trailer selection screen and combined all the movies from my hard drive(s) on one screen regardless of which folder they were in. 

Sounds like you need to look into setting up XBMC to view your movies. The latest build of XBMC for aTV 2 (may 7 ) seems to have most of the SMB issues and streaming worked out now… Use the Daily build it only takes about 20 minutes to update XBMC…


Thanks for that. I’ve had mixed luck again, avis are now playing in sync and I’m enjoying the interface after playing with various skins and view options to find something I like.

On the down side, I’ve had to turn off 5.1/DTS output as it just comes out as horrible noise, DVDs don’t play at all (it will launch a VOB file but not menus, and subtitles are automatically on) and mkv files stutter and rebuffer far worse than they were under media player. 

At least I can use it for something (other than paid for content) though, so I’ll sit tight and see what new builds bring.

5.1/DTS sound needs to be sent through the optical output to a compatible AV amplifier which decodes the digital signal and plays beautiful sound (in theory). You would also need to turn down the TV speakers because they would play an unprocessed signal, sounding much like the horrible noise you describe.

aTV2 is linked by optical to a 5.1/DTS amp, and it was happy playing 5.1 from a rented movie.

I thought you might have a proper setup; my comment was only for general consumption. I only mentioned it because I read on another forum that people had modified sound encoding without realising that they needed an amplifier with a relevant decoder.