Im running 3.3.1 and I’m very unhappy with the actual performance. I wonder if the specs of the Apple TV are not capable of doing so much… I do have a 1tb hard drive attached, maybe thats the problem?? I have hundreds of movies on my drive and Sapphire asked me a question on EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM because my folder names didnt include the year…i was about 40% finished…which took about 2 1/2 hours, when Sapphire crashed…got a big grey box then the apple logo!! All that work gone…when I play my movies from atv files, nito, or sapphire…the quality is not as good as if i were playing from MVIX and the lag, slowness, and unreliability is not acceptable. Unless theres some MIRACLE update, I will like to get a refund and use the Apple TV the way it was intended. And my hd is a Fantom Drive. Maybe something Im not doing right, but this thing is crashing like Windows!!

This is a hack, it is not SOP for an AppleTV. Just an FYI, the AppleTV contains a 1GHz Pentium-M processor (used in low power laptops usually), 256MB DDR RAM, and an nVidia G72M with 64MB of DDR2 RAM. If anyone around here has more experience with Sapphire and NitoTV please let him know if there is anything he can do to improve performance, but I think we might need more info on your set up to really help you out, like bitrate of video and file types of video files. Also to keep in mind, aTV Flash is built to make installing third party software like NitoTV, Sapphire, and ATVFiles a lot easier than trying to do it manually and figuring out to make a patch from scratch. Unfortunately we have no control over the speed and reliability of the third party software, even tough many users have had success and many have not.

If you do want a refund, you can E-mail aTV Support for that. It might be a day or so until he gets back to you in case he is backlogged on E-mail. Hopefully though someone can help out here and we can avoid a refund. :sunglasses:

This may be unrelated, but some users have reported the Media Cloud plugin having a conflict with certain networking devices. If you have this plugin installed, this may be the cause of the problem.

We are working with the developer to find a fix, but for now the only workaround would be to reinstall the aTV Flash without this plugin selected.


1st off let me start by saying, how come no one is GOING CRAZY OVER XBMC!!? I dont use that boxee nonsense…but XBMC single-handily makes the ATV worthwhile…sorry…Saphire…and Nito…nowhere close to xbmc as far as reliablity and features…xbmc plays all my divx and dvd iso’s with NO PROBLEM and its fast, you can choose multiple movie and tv databases, i still stick with imdb…and all the customizations is ridiculous. Nice weather program too!! Im running Apple 2.2 and everything is good…now im going to do more research on xbmc because I know theres prob much more I can do…Thanx atv flash…i did download xbmc on my own…but didnt have usb access…your latest patch worked great! :slight_smile:


Anybody know how to play “music” and “photos” already on the apple tv’s hard drive in XBMC?? I installed the patch built into xbmc but nothing happens…am I doing something wrong or missing a step? (I know I could just copy the music and pics to the external hd…but I want to keep up the synchronization…)

…any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

i was going to mention xbmc but i guess you figured it out. If your playing video DVD TS files froma 1TB hard drive, like I am, theres some settings in there to make your videos worth watching. I know when I started using it, watching dvds on a 72" HD tv wasnt working that great until i messed with the video settings. After doing that, Its the way to go I think. For now i guess. As far as music and such, I personaly like apple and itunes. If you select itunes, it should import everything if you have music on the drive. If not, select add source, and look for mount, and then the home drive. Mine was in there but its going to take some looking for. At least on mine.

Hey…thanks for the reply. What kind of video settings are you using? I just have everything set to auto and the video size to normal, i tried the “software” video upscaling but it got noticeably slower, so I turned it back off. And I thought I tried to mount home folder, but Ill give it another shot. Thanks again

Ok. I have mine set to 1080P and cropped the screen to fit my tv perfectly. As far as dvd settings go, Once your in the dvd and its playing, hit the menu botton i think so that the onscreen controls pop up (ply, stop,…) Click up to video settings. Once in there, Set the video interlaced settings to bob (inverted). Set the video scaling method to bicubic (software) once set, go down the select apply settings for all videos.

these are settings that work best on my setup for playing dvd ts files.

hope this helps!

Thanks…i tried those settings and it seemed the same, but overall my picture quality is pretty good, it just really depends on the source. I have tons of divx files and a handful of iso’s. I havnt been able to play my itunes music, i tried the patch and i tried adding the home folder\music as a source, still nothing. But it has Shoutcast and I just added which is great so Im good. Im really impressed with XBMC and the mediastream skin.