Not finding TV metadata

There are a few other threads similar to this, but my situation appears slightly different and I have yet to be been able to resolve it so figured I’d create a new post.

Infuse isn’t finding any metadata for TV shows. I’m using the Plex Media Server DVR functionality to record shows and save them on my NAS. Infuse is then running on my ATV4 and connected to the NAS via SMB. It sees the shows as they are created, they just end up in my Library under “Other” with no metadata.

Two examples are (don’t judge me on my examples!):

  • TV Shows

    • The Voice (2011)
      • Season 11
        • The Voice (2011) - S11E08 - The Battles Premiere.ts
  • TV Shows

    • Days of our Lives (1965)
      • Season 52
        • Days of our Lives (1965) - S52E16 - Episode 16.ts

Any ideas why this is happening? I played around with the naming some, but had no luck. It’s happening for my ATV and iOS.

I think that you may find that the (year) is the culprit on TV shows. Try getting rid of the that and just use: show-name_s01e02.ext

Period, space, underscore and dash can all be used interchangeably as separator characters.

Interesting. I’ve tried everything else, but that at this point. Let me give it a shot.

Thanks for the reply!

It’s worth noting that you may need to add the country in to the folder and file name.

For example try;

The Voice US
Season 11

I think not to use the year for Days of Our Lives at all and see if that helps;

Days of Our Lives
Season 52

Thanks. The combination of removing the year and / or adding the country helps (I’m guessing in the voice it’s because there are multiple versions of that?).

If my DVR software (in this case Plex) is auto generating the directory structure based on meta data it grabs how do people typically deal with this? I can’t find a way to change how Plex’s DVR does it so far, but that may just be because it’s beta.