Not Fetching Metadata for Das Boot (1985) Series

There are two Das Boot TV series listed in the TMDb here:

Infuse only downloads metadata from the ongoing 2018 TV series and ignores the one from 1985. This presents a problem since I have the older 1985 TV, which consists of six episodes, in my collection as follows:

Das Boot (TV Series 1987-1987) — The Movie Database (TMDb) (1985)
Das Boot (TV Series 2018- ) — The Movie Database (TMDb) (2018)

TV Shows:
Das Boot:
Das Boot - 1x01 - Operation Atlantik
Das Boot - 1x02 - Auf Suchkurs
Das Boot - 1x03 - Der erste Angriff
Das Boot - 1x04 - Himmelfahrtskommando
Das Boot - 1x05 - Auf Grund
Das Boot - 1x06 - In der Heimat

Infuse will only download metadata for the 2018 Das Boot series and can’t find the older 1985 version, even though they’re both listed on TMDb.

Infuse pulls metadata for TV shows from not and the 1985 version isn’t in thetvdb’s database that I can see. You could join and add it so it’d be picked up at thetvdb

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