Not Detecting Season 4

I have a Folder with American Horror Story, they are all named in a consistent manner and its like it won’t detect season 4:

Could you share a screen cap of the file structure and names for seasons 3 and 4?

Is season 4 by chance recently added and if so, have you done a “Scan for Changes” on the library settings screen?

Yeah, Ive scanned for changes, even tried re fetching all metadata

I don’t mean to cause a hassle but if you could show season 4 with the complete file names and just to verify they’re in the respective season folders?

You can PM me with the complete file names for season 4 if you like. It almost has to be an anomaly with the names for that season to cause it to not gather the metadata.

One other possibility, is the season folder for 4 got set to local metadata.

Hi, all your files for S04 are missing the “E” in the name : American.Horror.Story.S04E01.1080p etc


Thank you! 3 hours of sleep doesn’t cut it anymore at my age. Good eye!

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Now the big question, why does it show the “E” in the first pic for season 4 episode 6 in the first post? :person_shrugging:

ah strange indeed !

It has to be that new secret “FireCore GBT” AI that knew that’s what the user meant but wanted to help the mere human learn how to correctly label files. :robot:

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Thanks a lot

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